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Qigong Seminar Comments

Question: What experiences have you had during the Seminar? Any comments?

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"Move on how to relax my body and mind and they never practiced before. Excellent for healthy consciousness and awareness."

"I found very helpful for relaxing and gain more energy."

"I feel relaxed and calm. Great Seminar. More comment."

"I found your talk very informative but so important concepts spoken so simply and well understood. I would be reading the web. Thank you. Very positive energy and relaxing."

"Very relaxing. Too warm."

"Relaxation, was able to get the light. Need to break into smaller groups per the different needs/level of the group."

"The experiences I had was to be more relaxed and to concentrate on a subject. I would like to know more about Qigong. The motion of Qigong I would like to have shown"

"Felt relaxed"

"Leader¡¯s voice very soothing, relaxing. Some handouts on agenda-outline of coverage may help and any exercises other than breathing, relaxing and mind cleaning?"

"Relaxation. Feel Chi flow. Soothing. Thank you!"

"Difficult to sit with spine straight, found myself sweating with so much concentration. with continuous suggestions to relax, I realized that I have a great deal of difficulty relaxing. I suggest more fans, too hot. I enjoyed the information. It makes sense."

"Felt energy as soon as entered room. Felt it almost constantly during seminar. Found it hard to sit and relax. Found many similarities with Ki. Surprised did not do anything more physical"

"So relaxing, I went to sleep. I have been unenergitic every day. This is the best seminar I¡¯ve attended"


"Interesting and informative seminar. Left me totally relaxed. Was interested to learn weather the practitioner could administer healing to others (question answered)."

"I learned. Wu chi. Mahalo."

"Relaxing /sleepy. Body slightly shaking."

"Relaxation. More confidence with mediation. Thank you."

"More relaxed. I would like to continue."

"I learned about Chi-gong and what this involves. Good introduction to chi-gong from Limin. I will try the class."

"Great experience-feeling energy. Thank you !!! Interested in Friday class."

"I felt my energy flow in my body and this gave me a kind of peace in my mind. I would like to take classes."

"Perhaps the proper breathing technique should have been explained, i.e. from the abdominal area with your stomach expanding while inhaling and concentrating while exhaling."

"The meditation gives me a very relaxed feeling-lot of light energy."

"Know what Qigong is. Very good intro."

"Getting to know a little more about Qigong-the elements. feeling energy. Enjoyable, informative."

"Nice, basic info."

"I experienced relaxation, more concentrated mentally, and more longer breathing. The class was just right."

"Relaxing, floating, able to feel the energy."

"Enjoyed practicing the Qigong. I felt more alert and awake. The teaching felt very clear."

"I learned that I need to have superstition to learn to relax! :) Thank you for the very helpful explanation."

"This is a great exercise, helps you relax. Great for the community."

"I was able to feel a sponge ball between my hands, and it was warm."

"Increased understanding of Qigong. Tingling sensation in palms when doing exercise."

"I felt warmth and relaxation. I though Ms Song was very good presenter."

"A feeling of well-being. Keep up the good work in educating the health conscious public."

"More experience in Qigong and want more, found it a very calming effect in this short time!"

"Pleasant...cleaning mind. Learned something new."

"Awareness of breathing, relaxation. Good presentation."

"I found it very fascinating and most helpful. It cleaned up any questions I had. You are very generous to conduct a free seminar. You explanation was clear and very enlightening. Thank you very much!"

"Peace, calm, clearing. Qigong is/or feels like mental focus breath directing Chi/Qi to area in need. I want to bring this art to windword health center that current under development"

"Increased awareness of tighten in neck. love breathing. Advertise more--I don¡¯t think more people know about the opportunity."

"A good introduction/insight to Qigong. Good job. Thank you for your time, appreciated it."

"Excellent instructor. Obtain much knowledge on Qigong. Will be helpful if the instructor will do the exercise together with the students."

"Clear, concise information helped me to understand. The exercises were beneficial. I¡¯ve looked for this for a long time."

"Relaxation. Thank you for answering questions, for promoting health here in Hawaii."

"Relaxation!! Good and informative!!"

"I enjoyed the actual performing of Qigong."

"Good relaxation again. thank you. Interested in Taichi classes-seems to involve whole body. Need to get whole body exercises for mom and me."

"Warmth and relaxation; some hope for my health. Appreciate your flexible approach, can either sit forward or back. Maybe give option to stand."

"Losing sense of time and space, feeling neck and shoulders, not too many distractions, some swinging in edge of chair."

"Relaxing the body helps you get in touch with your body and feel what your body needs. Very informative via demo."

"Shoulders were tight probably because came right after work."


"This is very relaxing after a stressful day!"

"Through the body movement I feel something on my hands and relaxed. Learned more Chinese Chi Kung."

"Very useful informative information. I liked the exercise and visualization. was able to experience Ki. Glad I came to the seminar. very helpful. Thank you!"

"Great feelings and experience, I really could feel the energy. Thank you for my first experience with this technique. Maybe a ref. on your recommendation for following reading material, books, etc."

"Interesting, warm. Thanks."

"Increased awareness of energy (my own and in the room). Very effective of resource of voice when sing ¡°song¡±. When feeling energy between palms I felt a rush of joy when I really felt the energy pressing on my hands. Very effective introduction. Expected a lecture, not an interactive experience."

"Felt sleepy. Hads felt warm during one of the experiences. Hands ache. Remind me of ¡°Reiki¡± (heated hands)."

"Deep relaxation during Qigong exercises, quite mind, physical vibrations during ¡°song¡± chanting. Instructor seems quite knowledgeable on subject."

"Very relaxed."

"I was very relaxed and feel at peace. Thank you."

"Curious, quiet."

"This was a very nice seminar. Thank you for having it. Well prepared and informative. Limin is a very good speaker.
I experienced a sense of relaxation after the final session. Thank you!"

"It was very enlightening. Thank you for sharing the new aspect for life."

"Feel real relaxed-liked the light into body exercise-could feel energy between palms- the exercises is very nice. Very good."

"Excellent presentation. I felt extremely relaxed and felt Chi between palms stronger than usual."

"Relaxed, warm feeling."

"Very educational, easy to understand workshop."

"Good for introduction. Need more time."