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Monthly Health Seminars On
Qigong, Taiji and Meditation

Learn the basic concepts of practicing Qigong, Taiji (Tai Chi) and Meditation during monthly seminars and have an opportunity to experience Qi---the vital and healing life energy available to all of us.

People will learn about...
--- what is Qi and Qigong, Taiji (Tai Chi) and Meditation
--- how is Qi practice related to our health
--- how does Qigong, Taiji and Meditation work
--- feeling the "Qi"
--- first hand Qi practice
--- how can you get started with your self-healin
--- how to deal with various health problems using Qigong, Taiji and Meditation (see Schedule below for details)

Our Health Seminars will open a doorway to an energizing range of possibilities!

2009 Schedule
Sundays, 12:00pm - 1:30pm
Location: Kaimuki-Waialae YMCA,
4835 Kilauea Ave., Honolulu

January 18 - Taiji (Tai Chi) and Health

February 15 - Improve Sleeping Quality Through Qigong

March 15 - Yang Style Taiji (Tai Chi)

April 19 - How To Relax Through Qigong

May 17 - Taiji (Tai Chi) and Health

June 21 - Qigong for Reducing Stress

July 19 - Taiji (Tai Chi) and Health

September 21 - Improve Sleeping Quality Through Qigong

October 20 - Qigong and Heart Disease

November 15 - Qigong and Arthritics

December 13 - Qigong for Busy People

Suggested Donation: $20

Call 808-941-9707 to Register

Seminar Comments Examples:

"Relaxation of the mind, peaceful feeling; Interesting lecture and experience of mind control."

"Relaxing feeling, learned that there is more types of Qigong. Pleased to know Qigong type of health practice available in Hawaii."

"Very interesting, good intro."

"I understand the basic concepts of what Qi and Qigong is, which is, I think, the foundation is most important. I felt relaxed and comfortable while meditating."

"I experienced my hands tingle when I put my hands together. I feel relaxed during the seminar, I am interested in Qi and Qigong."

"Experienced the flow of Qi through my spine. I liked what I learned about Qigong. I love the way you sing Sooooooong."

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