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Free Health Tele-Seminars at Your Home
We offer health related tele-seminars and courses for free. All are handled in a teleconference style. You can call in from anywhere in the world. The seminar and course contents cover a wide range of perspectives on health including conventional health approches and more about alternative health approches. Check out the schedules from the link above.
Click here for a Free Meditation Course

Relaxation Training Program
When our body and mind is relaxed, energy channels in our body are naturally loosened up and become smoother and more open, so the energy inside of the channels will have a better chance to flow smoothly without feeling being squeezed. In this process, some tangled energy will correct itself, just like a jammed traffic will gradually clear itself up by all the cars moving slower... guided relaxation is provided in the program.

Taiji and Qigong Classes In Honolulu,
taught by Stuart Holloway

"I am currently a Qigong and Tai Chi instructor at Moanalua/Aiea Community School for Adults, located at Moanalua High School in the Salt Lake area of Honolulu. Please call (808) 837-8466 for more information on signing up for classes or for directions to the school..."

Healthy Family Activity in Honolulu - Box Car Racing!
http://www.boxcarracing.org (ABCRI)
Healthy, fun and educational. Great family bonding time with box car racing. ABCRI instructs parents how to teach their kids to
drive! Student Field Ttrips, Free Youth Programs, and more...

Bamboo Extract Products - Enhencing Healthy Qi
Besides great nutrition facts, one of the uniqueness of bamboo plant is its nature of being a ¡®super transportation agent¡¯. The fact that bamboo can grow by meters overnight has a lot to do with its high transportation function. From a Qi perspective, food product from bamboo plant will extremely benefit liver energy (due to both bamboo¡¯s high transporting ability and its color) which is in charge of energy transportation in the body. I was not surprised at all to learn that people in Yunnan China (and a few other bamboo communities) live healthily the longest lives in the world.

Healthy Environmental Approach:
Natural Air Purifier/Odor Remover

The Natural Air Purifier/Odor Remover products from this site are all made of bamboo. The production process involves no chemicals. When these products are used in our daily lives, they can be just simply displayed anywhere in the household. No electric power is needed and they are very affordable...

Health Articles and Reviews
A collection of articles and tips on health and finance.


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