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1. Audio CD: Jingang Qigong Self-Healing Practice Guide
The CD can be used for daily self practice. Follow the guidance in the CD will make the practice much easier. Healing effect is depending on the amount of practice.

by Master Teacher Limin Song
$15.95 +S&H

2. Audio CD Set: Relaxation Self Practice, Instruction (disk 1) and Practice Guide (disk 2)
Besides receiving 2 CDs, you will have Immediate online access to Five Audio files (will download and/or play on both mac and window computers).

by Master Teacher Limin Song
$39.95 + S&H
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3. Video CD: Yang Style Taiji Complete Set

By Master Teacher Limin Song
$15.95 + S&H
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4. Qigong Daily Practice Training Program:
Digital Online

The Easy Qigong Program Package is a combination of one ebook, fifteen digital audios and fifteen digital videos, providing step-by-step training and guidance on how to turn your daily activities into qigong practices. All is done digitally. You will have immediate access to the program after purchasing instead of waiting for days for the program to be shipped to you.

By following the detailed guidance, you will be able to practiceQigong throughout your day and feel great at the end of the day.

By Master Teacher Limin Song
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5. Qigong Review & Exercise eBook
An overall review on Qigong and why Qigong heals our body and mind. Its contents are presented to you in both writing and audio format. You can either download both the digital audio (so you can play it on your mp3 player or your computer) and the pdf file (so you can print and read on paper), or just read or listen online.

By Master Teacher Limin Song
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