Welcome to the East West Qigong International!
A Nonprofit Organization


Serious About Learning Qigong?
It¨s Rewarding to Become an EWQI Member!

Become a member of EWQI and receive program fee discounts to EWQI activities. Plus you will be supporting a local nonprofit, volunteer driven organization whose activities center around teaching people how to improve their health through simple Qigong exercises.

Annual Membership Dues: $48/year due each January 1st

EWQI Members Receive:

FREE email newsletters
FREE practice tips by email
FREE Qigong walking class
20% discount on Qigong Retreats
20% discount on personal healing sessions
20% discount on private classes
20% discount on all Qigong Level One EQWI Classes
20% discount on all Qigong Level Two and Three Classes

Mail your check to: EWQI , 1518 Evelyn Lane , Honolulu, Hawaii 96822. (Please make your membership check payable to ^EWQI ̄)

Please include the following information:
, Name
, Phone number
, Mailing Address
, Email address

Call 941-9707 for more information.


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