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Private Sessions

Private sessions with Limin Song are available
by appointments.
Topic Options:
Taiji (Tai Chi)
Qigong Self-Healing
Stress Management
Better Relationships

Call 808-223-5256 to make your appointments.

Private Taiji Sessions:

Yang Style Taiji, the focus of teaching is on health benefits of taiji practice. Training includes form teaching and energy awareness improvement. Based on benefits of many years of self-practice experience and combination of taiji and qigong work, Limin approches the training in a very unique way comparing with most of the other taiji instructors.

Training benefits: People tend to have better balance, better focus, improved strengh of the body, better self-awareness, and more.

Private Sessions On Qigong Self-Healing:
Session starts with an overall health evaluation and discussion, followed by approperiate Qigong practice that addresses your specific needs. A regular practice plan will be recommended. By providing training of qigong self-healing that works specifically for you, recommending practice plan and providing relavent guidance, you will have the tool to use for your journey of better health.

Private Sessions On Stress Management:
If you feel frustrated (stressful) constantly or frenquantly, and you want to change how you feel but are not sure what to do, you might want to consider taking this session with Limin. You will learn how to feel less frustrated or free of frustration under the same situation, and learn how to deal with your frustration once it is already in place. Positive thinking alone dosn't always do the job of managing your stress. Mental concentration, breathing and body adjustment will be part of the stress management strategy taught by Limin and it works really well.

Private Counseling Sessions On Self-Improvement And/Or Better Relationships:
Everyday we come across with many opportunities to learn and grow. Being open to alternative perspectives and seizing these learning opportunities is an art. If you desire to be a better/happier person and/or to improve your relationships with people around you, and if you need a little help, Limin will be happy to assisst you achieving your goal. Sessions include identifying personal objectives, recommending specific strategies and action plans, practice and progress monitoring tool.


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